African Adventure IV: South Africa

THE FINAL PHASE of our trip began on October 8, 2017, when we rode from Ais-Ais, Namibia to Springbok, South Africa. While I’d travelled in South Africa once before, in 2001, my experience of motorcycle riding through the country was not in any way comparable. There’s a very different sense of connection with land whenContinue reading “African Adventure IV: South Africa”

African Adventure III: Namibia

NAMIBIA WAS FULL of surprises! It was also full of challenges! As I mentioned in my African Adventure II post, every country had its own riding-related challenges. In Botswana, it was the pot holes. In Namibia, it was the state of the gravel roads. Wow – I would have given anything for a Botswana potContinue reading “African Adventure III: Namibia”

African Adventure I: Zimbabwe & Botswana

I HAD ALWAYS WANTED to visit my ancestral homeland, Africa. My first opportunity came in 2001 when I had the privilege of joining the Canadian Non-Governmental Organization delegation for the United Nations World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. I was in South Africa for three weeks spending time in Cape Town, at aContinue reading “African Adventure I: Zimbabwe & Botswana”

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Long, Group Ride but Were Afraid to Ask!

While blogs are generally more conversational than instructional, this particular blog is intentionally instructional. This blog is about long trip gear, group riding formation and group riding communications. LONG TRIP GEAR I’ve already admitted that I’m a gearhead so any excuse to buy gear, I’m “in”. Going on a multi-day ride is a really greatContinue reading “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Long, Group Ride but Were Afraid to Ask!”

From Toronto to the Tail of the Dragon (318 Curves in 11 Miles)

THE TAIL OF THE DRAGON – an 11-mile stretch of Hwy 129, straddling Tennessee and North Carolina. With 318 curves within those 11 miles, the Tail of the Dragon has become a motorcyclist’s mecca. In 2016, the women I rode to Prince Edward Island with decided to ride to the The Dragon together. I wasContinue reading “From Toronto to the Tail of the Dragon (318 Curves in 11 Miles)”

First Big Motorcycle Trip: From Toronto to Prince Edward Island

SOME IS GOOD, BUT MORE IS BETTER! After two years motorcycle riding primarily around Toronto, I wanted more. Luckily, friends of mine – all women over 40 – were planning a nine-day trip from Ottawa to The Inn at Bay Fortune on Prince Edward Island in August 2015. It was exactly was I was lookingContinue reading “First Big Motorcycle Trip: From Toronto to Prince Edward Island”